Certifications-Free Zone

Safe Zone

The Safe zone is a voluntary certification built around established global standards. Free Zone accreditation is based on risk management, compliance management and a validation inspection by a vetted third party expert. From Prospect to Platinum certified, Free Zones can ultimately use this certification to apply for AEO status in accordance with relevant national customs administration.

The Safe Zone Application Process

  • Registration at certificationshub.com website

  • Reset Password and log-in upon receipt of registration approval

  • Submit the Eligibility Documents, pay the application fee (click here to learn more about payment details) and await World FZO confirmation

  • Upon confirmation,visit website to answer the Self Assessment Questionnaire(SAQ)

  • Validator may ask to resubmit SAQ wherever validator needs further clarification

  • Validator will draw up a validation-plan and arrange a site inspection visit in coordination with the Free Zone

  • Validator will submits the validation report to the World FZO Safezone Advisory committee

  • Advisory committee upon its review will decide on either Prospect Certificate or the Safezone platinum certificate.

  • Prospect Certified Freezone will be asked to take necessary actions on the identified issues,within an agreed time frame after which it will be subjected to revalidation.