Certifications-Free Zone

Safe Zone

The Safe zone is a voluntary certification built around established global standards. Free Zone accreditation is based on risk management, compliance management and a validation inspection by a vetted third party expert. From Prospect to Platinum certified, Free Zones can ultimately use this certification to apply for AEO status in accordance with relevant national customs administration.


Safe Zone Prospect Certification:

Level 1 Safe zone prospect certification for free zones that are dedicated to improve compliance and risk management. These free zones distinguish themselves by meeting some parts of the Safe Zone Code of Conduct. Within 12 months of their certification, these free zones will fully adopt the Safe Zone Code of Conduct and have procedures in place that ensure its implementation. During the 12-month implementation, these Free Zones will also provide proof that they have addressed any internal processes deemed lacking/in need of improvements during the World FZO validations. These Free Zones will also sign the Safe Zone Security Declaration.

Based on compliance after the twelve months, the free zone either move to the next level or their certification is cancelled. Once the certification has been cancelled a free zone would have to re- start the application process.

Safe Zone Platinum Certification:

Level 2 Safe zone platinum certification for free zones with a more developed level of integrity that meets all requirements of the Safe Zone Code of Conduct and which have processes in place to enable Safe Zone implementation. These free zones have procedures in place that safeguard the integrity and security of the international supply chain. Additionally, these free zones have measures in place to ensure that no companies in their zone are involved in counterfeit/illicit goods or illegal activities and for dealing with any company confirmed as engaging in illegal or high/risk activities. These free zones meet World FZO standards, have signed the Safe Zone Security Declaration and have taken measures to ensure its implementation.

AEO status:

It will be available soon.