Certifications-Free Zone

Safe Zone

The Safe zone is a voluntary certification built around established global standards. Free Zone accreditation is based on risk management, compliance management and a validation inspection by a vetted third party expert. From Prospect to Platinum certified, Free Zones can ultimately use this certification to apply for AEO status in accordance with relevant national customs administration.

Overall Design

In addition to the WCO SAFE Framework and the WTO Authorized Operator model, Safe Zone is also aligned with the World FZO Izdihar (Prosperity) Index. Safe Zone is part of fulfilling the World FZO Mission statement to “promote the positive impacts” of free zones “by providing guidance, knowledge and services” to members.

The Safe Zone program is owned and managed by the World Free Zones Organization.

An important objective of the Safe Zone program is to encourage voluntary compliance and security management. This has a positive effect on free zone operations by acting as a deterrent for illicit or suspect operators and allows free zones to promote the benefits to governments and other stakeholders of using their services.

The Safe Zone program is likely to attract participants who already understand the importance of a secure international supply chain as well as their role. These free zones are already likely to have processes in place for compliance management and be positive to cooperation with regulatory agencies. Safe Zone certification will provide an official recognition of their efforts.

The Safe Zone certification is open all free zones interested in compliance and a secure supply chain. Free zones that do not have internal compliance and risk management processes in place are encouraged to address these and can apply for Safe Zone Level 1 prospect certification.